Bonnie & Clyde

We got a love that’s undeniable, a bond that’s indescribable. You my ride or die, always by your side cuz we just got that kind of love. They bring me down you pull me up, you feelin down, I lift you up. You’re my one and only always lookin out for me, we just got that kind of love❤

I like her. She makes life interesting. She, herself, is interesting, I suppose. She talks right from the heart. I appreciate her frankness and I like the fact that she doesn’t force the natural flow of a conversation. There’s personality in her words. She thus gets to the core of things and that’s important because with her — I can talk knowing that the talk is real! Oh believe me, it’s amazingly real! And she also gives me the oportunity to listen as fully and completely as possible. And I can’t seem to get her out of my head […]
Virginia Woolf, from Selected Letters (via violentwavesofemotion)